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Couple's Travel Story:
A Surprise Trip to Venice

Melancholia sinking in, Fran was sad that Sam had to stay in the States to work while she met up with two friends in Venice on Sam’s birthday. When he surprised her, stepping onto her beautiful wooden Venetian motoscafi (water taxi), her eyes nearly popped out of her head! His 65th birthday and their 42nd year of marriage. To her he looked as dashing as the day they first met. All Aboard Travel coordinated all the details for the surprise to work. We understand. It’s personal to you. It’s personal to us.

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Trip Ideas

We'll work with you to book a totally unique and memorable couples trip––whether it's an anniversary trip, a couple's getaway to celebrate a big milestone or you're just looking to reconnect and experience someplace new.

Santa Barbara Four Seasons

It doesn’t get any better than the Four Seasons Santa Barbara, a short distance from LA by car or helicopter, if you’re feeling luxurious. Not only does this iconic hotel hit every note on pitch, it’s near plenty of other fun places to visit such as Solvang. 

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Les Baux Province, France

Enchanting is the only word for this stunning historical spot carved out of bold stones as if created by Cezanne. It’s a magical land of exquisite food and one of the most charming places to stay in the world, if you know the ropes. That’s exactly what All Aboard Travel will make sure to show you as soon as the world opens up. 

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Those Blue Ridge Mountains

The Old Edwards Inn deep in the mountains of Western North Carolina is a perfect setting for a couple to sweep themselves away and enjoy great food, luxurious accommodations, and gorgeous scenery. It’s a Relais et Chateaux. Just so you know, there are about 80 of them in the USA!  

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Get more travel ideas and inspiration––from planning that summer trip for the family to escaping for a weekend with the girls, or dreaming up that trip of a lifetime.


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"We loved every minute. I have to say the excursion by helicopter to Mendenhall Glacier, dog sledding, was the best."



"I know, I’m your worst nightmare as a client! Thank you for working day and night to blast through red tape. We made it when we thought we couldn’t and were even early to the airport. All the hoops we jumped through to get in and out of the country? Well, we made it a comedy! We’re having a great time."

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