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Their “gang” includes six long-time friends. Their “game” is cruising together, and they love the exotic itineraries! They’ve traveled on Uniworld’s Nile, to the Galapagos, and Ama’s Mekong. “We like to say, ‘We did it!’ – together,” says pack leader Jake, “and All Aboard Travel makes sure we do it right!” 

Traveling with Friends

Traveling with friends who share similar interests and life experiences tops the list for many.
Coordinating everyone can present a few challenges which All Aboard Travel is all too happy to
manage. From making sure that the flow and direction of the trip make sense to managing all
the details, we provide invaluable support and knowledge. From gathering travel documents to
coordinating guides, All Aboard Travel makes planning a chinch.

In recent months, friends explored the Outer Banks of the Carolinas, whisked away to an island
retreat in the Caribbean, and sailed to St. Petersburg to view the treasures.

THE BENEFITS: The Lovely Advantages

  1. Comfort in having travel buddies in new places
  2. Comparing notes about what you have experienced at the end of the day
  3. Laughing over the day’s adventures and foibles
  4. Creating memories you treasure all your life
  5. Expanding knowledge and awareness by being with others

BOTOS: The Sometimes Challenges

  1. Having unrealistic expectations 
  2. When differing needs are unmet
  3. How different people handle things differently
  4. Frustrations 
  5. Being inflexible at inevitable distractions or interruptions

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