Heard of COVAC GLOBAL? Here’s What to Know

COVAC GLOBAL is the first (and only) membership that covers Covid-19 medical evacuation from a trip, should you test positive while traveling internationally. No hospitalization is required. Learn more about the benefits of COVAC GLOBAL below and reach out to learn more.

The Big Benefit of
Covac Global

For Travelers concerned about being quarantined in a foreign country due to a positive Covid19 test result prior to boarding their return flights, this membership-based program provides enormous peace of mind. Call us for more information.

A Membership-Based Program

All-expense paid medical transport back to home city in the case of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis while traveling internationally. May be used for more than one trip. Call us for more information. 

Doctor or Hospitalization Not Required

An authorized positive COVID-19 test is required and at least one COVID-19 symptom to inaugurate service. Call us for more information.

Travel Insurance Still Important

COVAC is not a replacement for travel insurance. It is specifically designed to support COVID19-positive travelers returning to the USA after international travel. It is specific. Call us for more information.

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