Hittin’ On the Ritz in Dallas

By Alex Ramsey

December 11, 2007

Dallas, The Ritz, Tx

knife-fork-1Even on a Tuesday night in December, the New Dallas Ritz Carlton is a hopping with more sensuous sexuality than a rabbit’s burrow. This means, the Beautiful People are out in droves to see, be seen, and … find a date. No one is exactly sure the place looks like yet. You can hardly see it; because, well, there are just so many adorable people milling about…..We’ll get our bearings before long, of course. In the meantime, the main view is the one in the bar, rather bars, which are nestled around Dean Fearing’s new restaurant. There’s the inside bar and then the outside area with fireplace and warmers for cold evenings.

Pooka had dinner at Dean’s. And it was a good time. The restaurant is divided into several rooms with distinct personalities. Pooka sat at the Chef’s Table one evening which is near the open area of the kitchen. Of course, Dean Fearing is about the most charming man. He can even charm Pooka with his warm personality, if anyone is capabable of charming Pooka. Whereever Dean is you’re going to enjoy.

The food, well, it is not the best in town even though it’s good and you’ll have fun .

Also fun is the experience with the Unisex Bathroom. Not exactly what one expects at a Ritz when a daity little lady strolls off to powder her tinsy little nose and is met by a 295 pound six-foot one African American gentleman to help her with the facilities. Pooka was fascinated….All bathrooms are little rooms opening onto a hallway with sinks and lovely contemporary tiles, immaculate, and frosted glass doors, allowing you to see who is just outside. You just never know, do you, until you get out and about?

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