Mary Poppins at Rosewood London Redefines “Medicine”

By Debbie Stern

April 12, 2017

The (relatively) new London Rosewood is the kind of “medicine” I’d gladly take any day. It’s getting “a thumbs up” from All Aboard clients, who enjoy its traditional English style, great central location, and decor of modern elegance. One thing that separates this beautiful restored Edwardian manse from some other 5-stars is that it also houses a personality with a sense of humor.

Rosewood LondonThe hotel’s eclectic Scarfes Bar, named after renowned British artist and caricaturist Gerald Scarfe, was named one of the World’s Best Bars in 2017.* Charming and sometimes risqué Scarfe characters are scattered among the 1,000 antique books on the shelves and provide ready-made conversation pieces. Alternatively, after a day of sightseeing, you and your drinking partner could engage a game of gin rummy with a deck of Scarfe’s tongue ‘n cheek playing cards, also adorned with caricatures of famous Brits and others you will recognize.   What could be a better gift and one you can only buy there?

While relaxing in your velvet armchair over conversation or cards, after your long day on the town, enjoy a Mary Poppins cocktail  (Johnny Walker Gold and roasted pineapple) with its umbrella garnish. With the fire roaring, you’ll agree, there’s no place like London town. Of course, the hotel has a spa, restaurants, and all the good things a weary traveler would expect.Rosewood Hotel London Scarfes Bar









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