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Passionate, seasoned, and in-the-know. Our team specializes in travel itineraries for discerning individuals, and small groups of families, couples, friends, and executive teams. Meet our president, Alex, and the team below.

50 Years of Unique Travel Experiences


I'm  Alex B. Ramsey

Like the iconic title character in the 1956 film Auntie Mame, my late mother could weave a tale of irresistible magic around travel. She opened eyes, hearts, and souls from the first day she proudly hung All Aboard Travel’s shingle -- almost 50 years ago. (Learn more about the All Aboard Travel legacy here.)  

A little about me: I'm a former journalist, an author and entrepreneur (with an MBA from the University of Texas). I also happen to hold a degree in Geography, speak 4 languages (barely!), and have visited every continent with the exception of Antartica! 

Now that you know a little bit about our history, you just have to meet our team. Here's the thing: EVERYONE on our team is extraordinary. I can't wait for you to meet them and get the All Aboard Travel experience!

Our Global Team of Travel Designers

Patsy Sowa


Just before the pandemic exploded, PATSY SOWA was in Egypt, among the first to see the extraordinary new museum of antiquities during a preview tour. Over the last few years, she has been in Argentina, Kenya (on safari with Micato), Jamaica, Cabo, Bora Bora, and more, more, more. She loves Hawaii and has checked out every Four Seasons in the state! Patsy lives by her credo, “Traveling should be unique and always a personal experience.” That’s what she does, tailors each client’s personality and interests.

ALEX ADDS: Patsy’s quixotic spirit, (almost) photographic memory, and dogged determination are unequaled. She makes the impossible possible.

Email Patsy:
Call Patsy at 214-521-8444

Beverly Ware


BEVERLY WARE has worked with All Aboard for decades and her clients depend on her, raving about her ability to handle complicated itineraries and detailed travel arrangements, as if she were family. In many cases, she is. Born and raised in Highland Park, as were Patsy and Alex, Beverly is kin to many of the city’s most sophisticated travelers. Needless to say, she has visited every fabulous spot in Europe, sometimes as a hotel guest, often as a house guest. 

ALEX ADDS: For Beverly and her inner circle, life is all about loyalty and understated elegance, all of which permeate every trip.  

Call Beverly at 214-521-8444

Becky Newton


BECKY NEWTON’s heart first fell for travel while visiting Jordan as a teen where she got to know and understand the Jordanian people. In college, she was the lucky nanny who swam with baby sharks off of Cocos Island, decorated a palm tree in Mauritius for Christmas, and cruised the rivers of Europe. Her almost grown, sons cherish their annual trips to Disneyworld where she is an expert. But it's her keen eye for research and deep dives into any country make her a standout advisor for locales the world over. 

ALEX ADDS: Becky falls in love with her clients as much as they fall in love with her!

Call Becky at 214-521-8444

Wanda Herman


WANDA HERMAN’s latest travel included Croatia with her biggest fan, husband Steve. A loyal Miller Travel advisor for 23 years, Wanda chose All Aboard Travel when the Miller family retired. Expert in river cruises, Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Krakow, and Warsaw, besides Central and Eastern Europe, her eyes sparkle at the mention of the Caribbean and Mexico where her experience shines. Originally Pittsburgh natives, the Hermans have lived in Dallas more than three decades raised their now-grown family in the Park Cities. 

ALEX ADDS: With Wanda, it’s ‘Suitcase packed. Always ready!’ She’s our adventurer.

Call Wanda at 214-521-8444

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