Peaches for Dinner: A Vail Treat

By Alex Ramsey

September 7, 2008

Vail, ColoradoI’ve never considered a dinner of peaches until my friends and I went to the Vail Farmer’s Market over Labor Day weekend and carried a basket of beautiful orbs back home. To celebrate the unofficial end of summer, I was invited by friends who own a wonderful house overlooking the golf course in East Vail. We were about to throw a steak on the grill when one of our group cut into the peach. Her eyes nearly burst out of her head, “Oh, my god,” she exclaimed, as peach juice dribbled down her chin.

Before long, everyone was digging in, assuming he would be more cool than the initial peach dribbler. But each of us collapsed in ecstasy as soon as the flavor burst into our mouths. The texture was perfect. The flavor was the best peach, the most intense flavor I have ever experienced.

We continued to pour excellent red wine, cut another slice of cheese, and found our hands drenched with sticky peach juice. We ate until we could eat no more. It was one of the most memorable and refreshing dinners I have ever experienced.

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