Pooka’s Favorite Scottsdale Haunt: The Royal Palms

By Alex Ramsey

February 21, 2008

Arizona, Royal Palms, Scottsdale

Especially now, when everyone is weary beyond reason with “winter,” Pooka says it is a good time to stop off in Scottsdale. One of the best things about Phoenix, of the exotic name, is Scottsdale, which sounds so preppy and isn’t. It is unusual, though, squat in the desert surrounded by segura cactus and dusty rust-colored rocks, except when a brilliant bouganvilla blossom erupts in fushia out of the ocre earth.

Recently, Pooka popped in to check out the Mondrian, which is hip, glamorous, and cool located at is is in the middle of the shopping area and arts. It isĀ  sexy. Unfortunately, Pooka wasn’t in an Elton John mood. Pooka wasn’t interested in the stilettos, rhinestone, or big white sun glasses strut. If you’re in the mood for such a romp and pomp, go for it. Nothing wrong with it, just more theatricality than sometimes one wants.

Besides, Pooka had a little favorite down the road. You see, with scads of excellent accomm0dations, from the Four Seasons, to the monumental Phoneician, to the trendy Hotel Valley Ho (a 1960’s retro fit), it’s not easy to pick a favorite – unless you are Pooka, who feels completely comfortable at the Royal Palms. This idealized hacienda fit perfectly with Pooka’s need for R & R. With beautiful furnishings, frescoed walls, fireplaces, gardens, fountains, and restaurant T Cook’s, where even the locals dine, Pooka couldn’t have been happier sunning the winter parlor away for a few days.


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