Restaurant Georgia Opens in Santa Fe

By Alex Ramsey

June 10, 2014

Georgia Restaurant Opens in Santa Fe Review

Georgia Opens in Santa Fe

My friend David Morris was in the office recently and just happened to mention his new Santa Fe restaurant Georgia    restaurant georgia  opens this month. A one-time owner of Santa Fe’s legendary Geronimo restaurant, David lives part-time in Santa Fe, part-time in Dallas, and part-time as a world travelers. The A Rosa river cruise line  designate three ships just for his followers.

Many of us Santa Fe regulars were saddened when the dearly departed O’Keefe Café, a part of the museum, shuttered its doors as a result of the beleaguered economy in 2011. Last year, Geronimo Owner Lloyd Abrams and David’s partner, bought the café spot and the 100-year old building next door and began construction.  Now Georgia will fill the hole and offer even more ways to relax and enjoy great food right next to the gem of a museum.

 The restaurant serves Americana food-simple, local, contemporary and sans green chiles. Abrams says, “There are enough places that serve green chile.”    Well, I might take issue with that. I didn’t know you could serve enough green chiles , but I get his  point. I just happen to like them.

Another connection is that executive chef Brett Sparman was formerly of Nobu Dallas.


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