Small Group Travel

A small group can be you traveling solo or with 100 of your best friends

Custom Travel Design for Small Groups

Unique, luxury travel experiences for small groups of families, couples, and friends. That also goes for girls and guys trips and executive groups.

Solo Travel

Traveling solo doesn't have to be lonely.

Jenna didn’t want a destination wedding. She wanted a destination wedding gown—from Italy. Her dream was one made from the luminescent silks she’d seen on a trip to Italy... 

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Couples Group Travel

Nothing could be more romantic.

Melancholia sinking in, Fran was sad that Sam had to stay in the States to work while she met up with two friends in Venice on Sam’s birthday. When he surprised her, stepping onto her beautiful wooden Venetian motoscafi (water taxi)... 

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Friends Travel

What could be better than spending time traveling with your best friends?

Their “gang” includes six long-time friends. Their “game” is cruising together, and they love the exotic itineraries! 

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Family Group Travel & Multi-Gen Trips

Traveling with family is the most beautiful experience imaginable.

Alex's grandparents first took her to Disneyland. She later went with her parents, brother, and son. She thought she'd died and gone to heaven when she took her grandchildren on her favorite ride, Peter Pan....

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Girls Trips

What could be better than spending time traveling with your best friends?

Marguerite invited eight women to join her 3rd shopping trip to India. Besides the typical sights, she exposed them to India’s overwhelming beauty and lots to buy!

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Guys Trips

Trips and travel with the just the guys.

Buddy and his best friends come alive in the wilderness. Hard working dads, husbands, and businessmen the rest of year, the annual fishing trip resets every cell and makes them very happy! 

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Executive Travel Groups

Executive solutions for executive travel.

An urgent call from a senior executive was quickly answered. He was lost in a foreign city and late for lunch. Could we navigate him in time for his meeting? 

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