Texas is the star at The Archer in Austin

By Debbie Stern

August 17, 2017

The Four Seasons is my favorite hotel in downtown Austin, but up in the north part of town, smack in the middle of the Domain shopping/office/residential center is a newcomer, The Archer. It’s hard to beat if you’re in that part of town. This is the reception area which is contemporary with a Texas twist. For example, the black wall you see is made of used Western leather black belts stripped together to make panels. Contemporary Texana and art is a hallmark of this independent hotel. The staff is young and eager. I lost my iphone – for the first time in my life (!) and didn’t have a clue about how to find it, but the gracious front-desk manager showed me how to search for it using his iphone. We tracked it down, and it was returned to me the next day.

The lobby has a grand staircase wrapped in a wallpaper photograph of horses. You feel like you’re galloping with the herd as you ascend.

The rooftop pool continues with the Texas elements, has an open firepit, and big-screen TV for sporting events. This is UT land, after all.

Archer Pool

This is a basic room. The more you pay, the more elaborate they become. Even basic, it was super comfortable for a couple of days and there are scads of restaurants across and down the street, all easy walking. Nordstrom’s is across the street, a few feet away. Neiman’s is a block or two from the front door.

This was poster art in my room. Classic “Austin Is Weird” theme.

Archer poster art

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