Track the (Most Likely) Route Your Plane Will Take

By Alex Ramsey

August 25, 2014

Tracking Plane Route Tips

Once upon a time, air passengers only worried about rain, wind, and other natural events as reasons for unexpected routing and delays. Now, we know, man-made issues are equally relevant, especially for international travelers. Today, our clients, both our corporate- and-pleasure travelers, roam the globe. Fortunately, there are two websites that provide valuable information about the airways.

Stockholm-based and Houston-based are on-line flight-tracking services that allow you to check up on airline routing. They do it based on history, because no-one knows exactly what routing a plane will take at a given moment in time – due to weather, etc., but this will give you a pretty good idea. Airlines have preferred routing that they tend to follow. Many airlines such as Quantas and Emirates, both airlines we highly recommend, have reputations for flying longer routes to make sure they fly over safe countries.

The Wall St. Journal online ( reported more extensively in an article on this subject, if you are interested. Regardless, review both of these websites;and keep them handy for international travel.

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